The Difference Between Supervised & Unsupervised Cleaning

‌The Difference Between Supervised & Unsupervised Cleaning‌
If you have ever tried to clean your whole house yourself, you will know that it rarely gets done in one day. And even if you are able to hire a cleaning service, not all of those services understand the difference a supervised clean should be making to their clients’ homes.
What’s more, hiring a helper or a cleaning assistant may seem like a cheaper option to using a professional cleaning service, but it often requires more than one clean a week, and ends up costing you more than you would prefer to spend, including transport costs, food, etc.
Added to that the stress of making sure you have people in your home and around your family that you can trust, more people are realising the benefits of a professional, SUPERVISED cleaning service with a good reputation.

A supervised clean makes a significant difference to the way your home is cleaned:

1. Team leader is present

With a professional, supervised clean, the team supervisor is on site throughout the duration of the clean. This gives clients peace of mind that household items are under a watchful eye, and work is being done properly, and according to a proper schedule.

2. Teams are professionally trained and supervised

A supervised clean often includes on-site training for newer crew members, where the supervisor is personally involved in teaching best cleaning practice. This includes the order that rooms and items are cleaned, hygiene training and efficiency training.
3. Supervised cleans are strategic cleans
A professional cleaning service supervisor will understand how to review a space with the following objectives:
  • maximise time
  • maximise effort
  • maximise resources
With this in mind, you are guaranteed a strategic clean throughout your home.
4. Supervisors have the experience to do things right
Supervisors will have had experience in cleaning a variety of spaces, including more difficult appliances, delicate surfaces and harder-to-reach areas. They will lead their teams accordingly and issue instructions to get the job done properly the first time round.
5. Supervisors know the difference between standard and deep cleaning
This is particularly important, as a deep clean is a far more intricate and intensive clean than standard wiping and dusting. They will have advanced tools and equipment to conduct a proper deep clean for the results you expect.

Other important benefits of a supervised clean:

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed – the job isn’t done until you as the client are satisfied.
  • Reduced stress – just knowing that your home is in professional hands eases your stress.
  • Less fatigue – a supervised cleaning team frees up your energy for other more important things in life.
  • Consistent results – you are assured of consistency when your home is in supervised hands.
  • Time saved – a supervised team will be in and out within a matter of hours, freeing you to get on with your day.
  • Smart investment – overall, value for your money is one of the biggest benefits of a supervised clean.

Consider hiring a professional, supervised cleaning team!

Sophia’s Professional Cleaning Services knows how important it is for clients to understand the benefits of a professional, supervised clean – at home or at work. After all, there is more to life than spending it worrying about cleaning. So give us a call or pop us an email with any questions you have about our services, and we’ll be glad to answer them for you!
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Our Story

our story

It would be easier to say that the idea of Sophia’s Co. was one of a planned business structure with extensive brainstorming and planning and capital backing to launch… but that would be a total lie.

In fact, Sophia’s Co. started from humble beginnings with almost nothing but hard work and dedication to achieve the enviable level of success.

It all started with a big life change

Having resigned from a very stressful job, choosing health first, Sophia was left jobless and feeling helpless. Not knowing what the next steps were and with debt on the rise, something had to be done. Her brother owns a property that operated as an AirBNB, and offered for her to take over the management of guest services and apartment cleaning for arriving and departing guests.

This was a steady income over the peak periods, but also fluctuated during the off periods based on the bookings.

Unknowingly, this was the birth of Sophia’s Co.

Having to find ways to further supplement her income, she started reaching out to agents, other Air owners, building contractors, offices, and advertising on social media in order to grow her fledgling business.

This worked.

These extra leads allowed the business to expand as queries turned into quotes, which turned into regular clients.

Onward and upward

With the business becoming busier, Sophia had to increase her labour force and is now proud to say that she currently has a team of 10 loyal employees. Her business took another good turn when her client base increased significantly after she became a member of her local BNI group. With their weekly meetings, they jointly support and help grow each other’s businesses. This undertaking has really put Sophia’s Co. on a new trajectory.


Sophia’s Co. is a true testimony to the fact that just because you may start your career at the bottom, it doesn’t mean you will end your career in the same position. With a little bit of determination and hard work, you can create a future of success and even become a boss of your own one day.

Top reason why you should hire a professional cleaning service

Top reasons why you should hire a professional cleaning service

Traditional roles of men and women are changing as more women opt for full-time careers, run businesses from home, work half-day and do school runs, and somehow try to juggle all of those things. Let’s face it: cleaning the house is often the last thing on the to-do list.


People are so busy these days that it’s impossible to keep the house as clean as it should be without help. There is simply not enough time to be all things to all people… and still look good doing it.


More and more people are realising that they need a new level of quality residential and commercial cleaning services. And if you haven’t yet considered that you might need a more professional cleaning touch to your home or work space, perhaps this little article will be enough to convince you.


Obviously there are a number of reasons why some people prefer to hire live-in cleaning helpers, especially if they also assist with light cooking or looking after babies or young children while moms and dads are out at work. But for those who don’t require those extras and are needing things done faster, more efficiently and more professionally, this is for you!


Here are the top reasons why you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service 


1. Get total convenience

We live in an age of convenience. Food is heated at the touch of a button, services are just a phone call away, and we no longer need to head to the mall to do our shopping – convenience is the order of the day. A professional cleaning service offers you full-scale convenience: simply book your clean for a convenient time during, and the team works around you and your needs. Going to be out at work and won’t have someone at home to open for the cleaning team? No problem! You can arrange for them to get a set of house keys made and they can let themselves in. All you need to do is arrive home to a beautifully clean, fresh-smelling home to enjoy at the end of a hard day.


2. Enjoy improved hygiene and quality of life

A regularly scheduled cleaning visit for your home or office not only improves the quality of life for those living and working there, but creates a healthier living environment all-round. Regular cleaning keeps dust, dirt, mould and other harmful allergens at bay. This is especially important if your family suffers from allergies, asthma or other conditions. A clean and tidy office space boosts office morale and gives people a sense of pride working in that environment. 


3. Get efficiency and time-saving service

Consumers are fast realising the benefits of the time gained by hiring a reputable cleaning service. Not only do you regain the time that the cleaning takes, but research shows that a well-trained cleaning professional can clean a client’s space three times faster than the client can. No longer do you have to exhaust yourself spending an entire Saturday doing a basic clean of your house. A professional service will be in and out within an hour and the whole team will have done a better job together than you could have on your own. What a relief!


4. Save money 

Consumers also realise that when they consider the amount of time they’re saving, as well as not having to purchase their own cleaning supplies, the amount of money they save over the service cost makes it very appealing and economical. Scheduling a professional clean every 2 weeks will make such a difference to your life, and when you do a few quick calculations, you will see just how much money you’re really saving in the long run. 


5. Benefit from experience and training

Never discount the value of experience, expertise and training. Good cleaning service owners precisely train their crews to be highly efficient. They know the best products to use and the correct way to use them. Crews are trained to perform specific tasks in a specific order, thereby maximising productivity. Your cleaning team will have a supervisor on hand, ready to get stuck in to help optimise the clean. Rather than a team of ‘maids’, Sophia’s likes to market their team members as cleaning technicians – training is ongoing and they are always being upskilled on the job.  


6. Get reputable services

Hiring a service to clean your space is a serious decision. Many consumers hire cleaning services without asking the right questions and finding out the right information. This can cost you money, time, and it’s just stressful. It’s important to hire professional teams with excellent reputations, coming with positive recommendations from past and present clients. A simple check on a company’s Google Reviews or their Facebook Recommendations page should be enough to guide you.  


7. Build a trust-based relationship

Customers who have a good understanding of the residential cleaning business will be less likely to get into the unfortunate situation of hiring an illegal or illegitimate cleaner, doing business under the table. Many consumers do not realise the risk involved with illegal or shady cleaning people. Hiring a reputable service, headed up by someone who is trustworthy and has your best interests in mind, can only develop a good, long-term, trust-based relationship that could last for years.  



Sophia’s Professional Cleaning Services knows how important it is for clients and potential clients to understand all that home and office cleaning services entails, and what to expect when hiring these services. In the end, you will be better customers and receive the best possible service. So why not give us a call or pop us an email with any questions you have about our services, and we’ll be glad to answer them for you!


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