Our Story

our story

It would be easier to say that the idea of Sophia’s Co. was one of a planned business structure with extensive brainstorming and planning and capital backing to launch… but that would be a total lie.

In fact, Sophia’s Co. started from humble beginnings with almost nothing but hard work and dedication to achieve the enviable level of success.

It all started with a big life change

Having resigned from a very stressful job, choosing health first, Sophia was left jobless and feeling helpless. Not knowing what the next steps were and with debt on the rise, something had to be done. Her brother owns a property that operated as an AirBNB, and offered for her to take over the management of guest services and apartment cleaning for arriving and departing guests.

This was a steady income over the peak periods, but also fluctuated during the off periods based on the bookings.

Unknowingly, this was the birth of Sophia’s Co.

Having to find ways to further supplement her income, she started reaching out to agents, other Air owners, building contractors, offices, and advertising on social media in order to grow her fledgling business.

This worked.

These extra leads allowed the business to expand as queries turned into quotes, which turned into regular clients.

Onward and upward

With the business becoming busier, Sophia had to increase her labour force and is now proud to say that she currently has a team of 10 loyal employees. Her business took another good turn when her client base increased significantly after she became a member of her local BNI group. With their weekly meetings, they jointly support and help grow each other’s businesses. This undertaking has really put Sophia’s Co. on a new trajectory.


Sophia’s Co. is a true testimony to the fact that just because you may start your career at the bottom, it doesn’t mean you will end your career in the same position. With a little bit of determination and hard work, you can create a future of success and even become a boss of your own one day.