The Difference Between Supervised & Unsupervised Cleaning

‌The Difference Between Supervised & Unsupervised Cleaning‌
If you have ever tried to clean your whole house yourself, you will know that it rarely gets done in one day. And even if you are able to hire a cleaning service, not all of those services understand the difference a supervised clean should be making to their clients’ homes.
What’s more, hiring a helper or a cleaning assistant may seem like a cheaper option to using a professional cleaning service, but it often requires more than one clean a week, and ends up costing you more than you would prefer to spend, including transport costs, food, etc.
Added to that the stress of making sure you have people in your home and around your family that you can trust, more people are realising the benefits of a professional, SUPERVISED cleaning service with a good reputation.

A supervised clean makes a significant difference to the way your home is cleaned:

1. Team leader is present

With a professional, supervised clean, the team supervisor is on site throughout the duration of the clean. This gives clients peace of mind that household items are under a watchful eye, and work is being done properly, and according to a proper schedule.

2. Teams are professionally trained and supervised

A supervised clean often includes on-site training for newer crew members, where the supervisor is personally involved in teaching best cleaning practice. This includes the order that rooms and items are cleaned, hygiene training and efficiency training.
3. Supervised cleans are strategic cleans
A professional cleaning service supervisor will understand how to review a space with the following objectives:
  • maximise time
  • maximise effort
  • maximise resources
With this in mind, you are guaranteed a strategic clean throughout your home.
4. Supervisors have the experience to do things right
Supervisors will have had experience in cleaning a variety of spaces, including more difficult appliances, delicate surfaces and harder-to-reach areas. They will lead their teams accordingly and issue instructions to get the job done properly the first time round.
5. Supervisors know the difference between standard and deep cleaning
This is particularly important, as a deep clean is a far more intricate and intensive clean than standard wiping and dusting. They will have advanced tools and equipment to conduct a proper deep clean for the results you expect.

Other important benefits of a supervised clean:

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed – the job isn’t done until you as the client are satisfied.
  • Reduced stress – just knowing that your home is in professional hands eases your stress.
  • Less fatigue – a supervised cleaning team frees up your energy for other more important things in life.
  • Consistent results – you are assured of consistency when your home is in supervised hands.
  • Time saved – a supervised team will be in and out within a matter of hours, freeing you to get on with your day.
  • Smart investment – overall, value for your money is one of the biggest benefits of a supervised clean.

Consider hiring a professional, supervised cleaning team!

Sophia’s Professional Cleaning Services knows how important it is for clients to understand the benefits of a professional, supervised clean – at home or at work. After all, there is more to life than spending it worrying about cleaning. So give us a call or pop us an email with any questions you have about our services, and we’ll be glad to answer them for you!
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